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Adit Math Engine: Display and Edit Math in Delphi

Adit Math Engine is a suite of native Delphi VCL for displaying and editing equations. Adit Math Engine can be used to develop advanced text editors, web/help/book authoring applications, chats and messengers, organizers and diaries, multimedia encyclopedias, and other applications that need a high-quality math equation editor.

Good-looking math in your Delphi application

Adit Math Engine use Math typesetting table to display math. This technology (now part of OpenType standard) was created by Microsoft® for their equation editor in Office 2007 and based on TeX/LaTeX ideas.

Edit math in MS Word-like style

Adit Math Engine have component for edit math equation like in MS Word.

First library for display math expression in Delphi

Adit Math Engine is a first realization of OpenType Math formula engine in Delphi.

Support LaTeX, MathML and OMML

Adit Math Engine supports import and export to LaTeX (some MathJax LaTeX features is supported, all base syntax is supported), MathML (except elementary math), and OMML.

Unicode support

Adit Math Engine have full unicode support.

High DPI aware

Per monitor DPI awareness is supported ("per monitor" in RAD Studio 10.1 and 10.2; "per monitor v2" in RAD Studio 10.3 and 10.4).


Library core is heavily optimized and extremely fast.

Native code

Adit Math Engine is completely written in Delphi, it does not require external DLL or ActiveX files. It is not based on Microsoft RichEdit control. A registered version of the Adit Math Engine includes full source code.

Integration with text engine

Adit Math Engine has integration with TRichView and you can simply add mathematical expression to your text document.